Webinars on the development students’ project activities and research skills to implement elective courses for 10-11 grade teachers of “Specialized boarding school-lyceum Intellectual”

As a part of “Support in the development of secondary education in Atyrau region” project, Centre for educational programmes have developed 17 programmes for elective courses in the Kazakh and Russian languages. The mathematics and science, linguistic and social and human strands of elective courses aimed at enhancing and improving the content of high school subjects.

On 22-25 November, 2021 the Centre employees conducted the webinar for 10-11 Grade teachers of “Specialized boarding school-lyceum Intellectual” on the developed elective courses through the organization of project activities, development of students’ research skills, experimental works.

During the webinar teachers were introduced with the content of the elective courses, their features and structure.


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