In 2020, the Centre developed and launched the Online Mektep digital educational platform (www.bilimland.kz) in cooperation with innovative online learning company Bilim Media Group.

The main goal is to provide general educational schools students with an opportunity of online adaptive learning.

Online Mektep provides digital educational content in all academic subjects for grades 1-11, according to the Model Course Plans for general educational schools.

The content of the lessons, exercises and tasks are developed by the leading teachers of the Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools, and moderated by the subject specialists of the Centre. More than 500 teacher-developers are involved in the Project, including teachers of NIS and general educational schools. The total of 24 074 lessons were developed for terms 1-4 of grades 1-11.

The idea of the platform is that each lesson is supported by theoretical material in the form of a summary, diagrams, mind maps, and the practical part of the lesson is presented in the form of multi-level tasks, the completion of which contribute to consistent and systematic learning of skills required for students’ functional literacy development.

The site presents a multi-level system for organising the lesson content. The lessons were developed with the use of the task-based learning approach. While completing a task of a certain level, a student is involved in the active cognitive process. Each task is supported by “Important to know” and “Explanation” boxes that provide a short theoretical material to help the student consolidate knowledge on the topic of the lesson and contribute to thoughtful completion of tasks.

Taking into account the different levels of achievement and pace of learning, the students have the opportunity to study the materials on the platform on their own. This helps to consolidate the material studied, and to design individual learning schedule.

The online platform was launched for students of general educational schools on September 1, 2020. So far, Online Mektep has had 3 581 schools connected to the platform, 238 754 active students, 2 893 050 active users daily, and 51 779 298 total views since September 1, 2020.