NIS-Programme implementation in mainstream schools

NIS-Programme which integrates best national and international experience has been successfully implemented in NIS schools since 2012.

The Centre is ready to support the implementation of NIS-Programme at the educational institutions of Kazakhstan and other countries.

The implementation is a multi-stage process that involve a set of procedures.


Consideration 1 Preparation 2 Implementation 3
A school visits the website and learns about the NIS-Programme implementation process Delivering induction training for school administration and teachers and explain the NIS-Programme Online support for teachers in the form of consulting, methodological support and feedback.

A school submits an application

online and provides all data required

if the application is successfully


Training workshops for subject teachers Monitoring the programme implementation through questionnaire, interview, lesson observation, recommendations for a school

The Centre analyses school needs

to implement the NIS-Programme


Providing a school with learning and teaching materials and other aids Training workshops and master-classes for teachers

Online application (procedure)

1. Click “Apply”, fill in school data, contact information, and select the level of education for NIS-Programme implementation.

2. When you finish, click on “Submit”.

3. You will receive a notification that your online application has been successfully submitted.

4. The Centre’s officer will contact you within two working days.

2. Preparation stage

The preparation stage provides for delivering training workshops for school teachers and seminars for the entire school staff to explain the NIS-Programme (conceptual approaches, structure, learning objectives, trilingual education and etc.) and training sessions for subject teachers to explain the programme content, teaching methods and student assessment.

The school will be provided with subject programmes and course plans, NIS-Programme based textbooks, and teacher’s guides.


3. Pilot implementation

The Centre provides methodological support to teachers implementing NIS-Programme (within 1 academic year) through monitoring, training workshops and online follow-up.

Monitoring is a range of activities (school-based and online) designed to collect and analyse data to identify challenges, provide teachers with school-based support and give recommendations for school.

During the monitoring visit to schools, the Centre’s experts will deliver training sessions and master classes with the focus on lesson planning based on learning objectives, active learning methods, development of research skills, etc.

After analysing the monitoring data, the Centre will prepare an analytical note with recommendations on how to eliminate issues that hinder the effective implementation of NIS-Programme.

Further methodological support will be provided online by consulting teachers, giving feedback on their lessons, and providing the school with teaching and learning materials.