Training on Transforming Learning Environment at school.

On November 25-26, 2021 as a part of “Support in the development of the secondary education system in Atyrau region” there was a training on Transforming Learning Environment for Education department staff members and school leaders in Atyrau region. 116 people participated in training.

The staff members of NIS AEO, Centre for Educational Programmes, Information technology centre and NIS service organized a series of lectures and workshops on improving the learning environment in its broader sense.

Galiya Alzhanova, an expert of CEP, conducted a session on “Planning the learning environment to implement the renewed education content effectively”. The workshop addressed the issues on classroom requirements, classroom needs for multigraded schools, list of equipment for rural and urban schools, components of learning environments. The workshop demonstrated how to arrange the learning environment for experiments and creative work using available materials and how to decorate school walls and halls using the least possible means. The teachers shared their experience and ideas on the work done.

The workshop participants considered this event to be informative and relevant.


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