Monitoring of the NIS-Programme implementation in Intellectual schools


From March 28 to April 8, 2022, subject experts of Centre for Educational Programmes monitored NIS-Programme (hereinafter- subject experts) being implemented across the Intellectual Schools.

The monitoring was held in 9 cities on the implementation of secondary and higher school programmes.

The purpose of the monitoring was to analyze the implementation process of NIS-Programme during distance and blended learning formats in the pandemic.

During the monitoring different data collection methods were applied: lesson observation, review of short-term lesson plans and handout materials, analysis of student papers and focus groups with students and teachers.

The monitoring was conducted to identify difficulties that NIS teachers and students faced during the pandemic.

Subject experts visited lessons not only on their subjects, but also other subjects to get the whole picture of NIS-Programme.

As a result, methodological recommendations will be provided to NIS teachers to support students while studying according to NIS-Programme There will also be training during the summer sessions.


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