Report presentation as part of “The Future of Education and Skills: Education – 2030” OECD project

On November 25-26, the OECD virtual forum was held as part of the project “The Future of Education and Skills: Education – 2030”. Two international reports on curriculum were launched.

The first report “What Students Learn Matters: Towards a 21st Century Curriculum” looked at the gap between the curriculum and future teacher’s needs. The second report “Curriculum Overload: A way forward” was released to encourage thinking on the curriculum overload.

The voice of diverse stakeholders matters to OECD. This forum is not an exception. Students, teachers and the Ministries of Education staff members from France, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Korea, Israel and other jurisdictions were invited to present the reports. Moreover, Dzhafar Kabidenov, Grade 11 student from NIS of PhM, Almaty, was one of them. He briefly described his learning experience during the pandemic, shared the problems that students faced in distance learning, and emphasized the importance of feedback and formative assessment.

The next global forum is scheduled for May 2021 in Estonia.

The reports and video presentations are available from


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