Webinar on “Implementation of practical works on subjects of the natural science cycle in the conditions of distance learning”.

    On April 24, 2020, employees of the Center for educational programmes of Nazarbayev Intellectual schools AEO – Galiya Alzhanova, Liliya altynbayeva and Aziza Abdurakhmanova held a webinar on “Implementation of practical works on subjects of the natural science cycle in the conditions of distance learning”.

    This webinar in Kazakh and Russian, moderated by Director Zhanar Abdildina, is the first of a series of webinars, initiated by “Talap” center for applied research, for teachers of secondary state schools and heads of educational institutions.

   The first part of the webinar covers the stages of conducting research at chemistry, biology, and physics classes, including planning the experiment, formulating the research question, selecting the appropriate research method and materials, conducting the experiment, recording and processing data, drawing conclusions, and discussing the results.

   The main part of the webinar in the form of master classes was devoted to practical issues of using virtual laboratories, video experiments, simulations, conducting experiments at home. Using concrete examples, the specialists demonstrated practical work design tasks that involve data processing, defining variables, filling out worksheets based on the results of the experiment, and presenting ready-made experiment results for the design of research reports.

   Feedback from the audience showed the usefulness and timeliness of this webinar, as the implementation of the practical part of the subjects of the natural science cycle remains relevant in the new learning environment.

The webinar is available at the following link: https://clck.ru/N6s8E


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