Webinars for rural school teachers from Zhambyl and Kyzylorda oblasts

On 16-17 September, as part of the Rural School Project, subject coordinators of Centre for Educational Programmes delivered webinars on the implementation of renewed subject programmes for teachers working in comprehensive rural schools named after N.Akshabayev, B.Bespayev, Kuttykozha, Zh.Makhambetov, T.Aitbayev and N.Ilyasov, Zhambyl and Kyzylorda oblasts.

They introduced the ways how to develop students’ research, communication and problem solving skills through project activities, and how to apply interactive teaching styles to develop language competence. Teachers reported the webinar had been useful and timely.

The next webinars will touch upon problem based learning through laboratory and practical work in Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Geography, CLIL, communication skills and functional literacy.




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