February 2, 2012

A branch of
Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools Autonomous Educational Organization


14 departments, 140 employees

Main activities
integrated educational and subject
programmes development


Centre for Educational Programmes (hereinafter – the Centre), a branch of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools AEO was founded by the decision of the Board of Trustees (Minute # 5) dated February 2, 2012. The Centre is headed by the director, Abdildina Zhanar Nurbapashovna.

The main activities include development of innovative educational programmes and resources, scientific and methodological support for their piloting and implementation, monitoring and research in the development and review of educational programme of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools AEO NIS-Programme across Intellectual schools.


To contribute to improving the quality of secondary education in Kazakhstan by continuous development of NIS-Programme and its piloting in mainstream schools.