Resource bank for Intellectual school teachers


Centre for Educational Programmes (hereinafter – CEP) continues to provide comprehensive support (methodological, resource and consulting) for Intellectual school teachers in implementing NIS-Programme in distance education in 2020-2021 academic year.

CEP has created 16 subject groups on Microsoft TEAMS platform and assigned a subject manager to each group.

A unified Resource bank for all subjects by grades and languages was designed to include the resources developed by NIS teachers.

Teachers will have weekly access to exemplary learning materials developed by “school-leaders of the week” that can be used to prepare for lessons and adapt them to their students’ needs.

The minimum package of learning materials includes a lesson plan with the step-by-step instructions, a presentation, an audio/video material, an assignment to consolidate and practice skills.

A unified resource bank promotes collaboration between NIS teachers by sharing experience and reducing the gap in the lessons’ quality.

Resource bank for the 2nd term (for English)


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