Seminars on the revision of textbooks and teaching and learning materials.

Seminars on the revision of textbooks and teaching and learning materials.



Seminars on the revision of textbooks and teaching and learning materials.

Within the framework of the project on revision of textbooks for the 8th grade in accordance with the educational programme of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools – NIS Programme, the branch “Centre for educational programmes” held an online seminars for authors and editors of “Mathematics”, “Chemistry”, “Biology”, “Informatics”, “Geography”, “History of Kazakhstan”, “World History” on 5 – 9 February 2024. 29 authors and 7 editors participate in the seminars.

Career-oriented elective courses

Career-oriented elective courses



Career-oriented elective courses


Centre for Educational Programmes has developed career-oriented elective courses. To ensure successful implementation of comprehensive work on career guidance for upper secondary school students, subject teachers need to use professionally oriented materials in the educational process. Students can be interested in different types of professional activities, even those within one specialisation, therefore, the solution of this problem is closely related to the process of students building their individual educational paths.

Career-oriented elective courses “Mathematical methods of collecting and processing statistical data”, “Mobile application developer”, “Practical electrical engineering”, “Laboratory assistant for chemical analysis”, “Nutritionology”, “Tour Operating”, “Copywriting”, “Fundamentals of Graphic Design”, “Production Director”, “Fundamentals of Investment” – these are additional elective courses for students. They are included in the curriculum at the senior level of schooling. Elective courses are implemented within the school component of the curriculum and designed for a minimum number of students in groups (up to 12).

The role assigned to elective courses in the system of specialised learning determines the range of their functions and tasks.

Functions of career-oriented elective courses:

– study of new professions, description of necessary professional skills arising from the main problems of our time;

– extending and deepening core and specialised subject knowledge;

– practical training;

– development of professional skills;

– introducing to new trends and the stage of development of the sphere.

Tasks of career-oriented elective courses:

– to introduce additional content of the educational material, to extend and deepen specialised subject knowledge;

– to promote professional adaptation;

– to prepare for a future career;

– to increase the information and communication competence of students, as well as to stumulate their cognitive and creative activities.

Therefore, the content and focus of elective courses should be linked to a particular specialisation by modeling the educational situations and problems characteristic of it.

Online Mektep project honoured as top project by UNESCO

Online Mektep project honoured as top project by UNESCO

Online Mektep project honoured as top project by UNESCO

The Online Mektep project has been recognised and honoured as part of the “International Best Practices of Digital Education” launched at the 2024 World Digital Education Conference.

The conference, themed “Digital Education: Application, Sharing and Innovation”, was jointly organised by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, the Chinese National Commission for UNESCO and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. It was held in Shanghai, China, from 29 to 31 January 2024. The conference saw the launch of the UNESCO Wenhui Award. The joint project of Centre for Educational Programmes of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools and Bilim Media Group was included in the list of TOP 8 International Best Practices of Digital Education worldwide in the category of Build Inclusive Digital Learning Systems for Strengthening Crisis Resilience.

International Digital Forum Digital Almaty 2024 

International Digital Forum Digital Almaty 2024 

International Digital Forum Digital Almaty 2024 

From February 1st to 3rd, the International Digital Forum Digital Almaty was held, serving as a traditional platform for discussing the digital agenda, new strategies for digital transformation, and trends in digital technology. Participation in prestigious events like Digital Almaty can enhance the visibility of our NIS LAB project, attract potential users and investors, and strengthen the NIS brand’s position in the digital technology market. 


∙ Rich business program featuring the latest cases from leading experts; 

∙ Extensive exhibition of top companies showcasing innovations, technologies, and industries; 

∙ Diverse cultural and entertainment program, from robotics championships to the largest startup battle in Kazakhstan. 

At the International Forum Digital Almaty 2024, Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Bagdat Musin, emphasized the interest in digital solutions from Kazakhstan by other countries, as evidenced by the participation of over 70 experts from abroad, including digitalization ministers from other states. 

The exhibition also attracted attention, presenting projects from 230 IT companies, including NIS LAB. The “Centre for Educational Programmes” branch of Nazarbayev Intellectual schools AEO used a branded stand to present its NIS LAB and NIS Online products, which attracted interest from secondary schools and foreign investors. 

We are confident that the results and agreements reached at this forum will have a positive impact on our future achievements and partnerships. 



Trainings held in Almaty

Trainings held in Almaty


Trainings held in Almaty on renewed subject programmes

within the educational programme of

Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools AEO “NIS-Programme”

Between August 2 and 4, 2023, specialists of the Centre for Educational Programmes (hereinafter referred to as the Centre) affiliated with Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools AEO conducted summer trainings on renewed subject programmes of the educational programme of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools AEO “NIS-Programme”.

These trainings were held at the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Almaty and attended by 220 managers of Methodological Associations. The training aimed at implementing renewed subject programmes, educating students, instilling values, developing key competencies which are relevant to the present day. They were given some methodological recommendations. In addition, considered effective methods of doing research projects, peculiarities of teaching STEM, communicative approach, problem-oriented learning, effective methods and techniques for developing mathematical, science, digital and media literacy of students.

On the last day the participants had a meeting with Anuar Zhangozin, Chair of the Board of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools AEO, Zhanar Abdildina, Director of the Centre, and received answers to their additional questions.

The renewed subject programmes will be implemented in the 2023-2024 academic year starting from Grade 7.


2023 жылдың 2-4 тамызы аралығында «Назарбаев Зияткерлік мектептері» ДББҰ «Білім беру бағдарламалары орталығы» филиалының (бұдан әрі – Орталық) мамандары «Назарбаев Зияткерлік мектептері» ДББҰ-ның NIS-Programme білім беру бағдарламасы аясында жаңартылған оқу бағдарламалары бойынша жазғы оқыту тренингтерін өткізді.

Аталған тренингтер Алматы қ. физика-математика бағытындағы Назарбаев Зияткерлік мектебінде өтті. Оқыту тренингтерінде республикадағы Зияткерлік мектептердің барлық пәндері бойынша 220 әдістемелік бірлестік жетекшілері бас қосты. Тренинг мазмұны жаңартылған оқу бағдарламаларын іске асыру, білім беру және тәрбие ісін тұтас жүзеге асыру, оқушылар бойына құндылықтарды дарыту, қазіргі кездегі негізгі құзыреттерді қалыптастыру мәселелеріне бағытталып, әдістемелік ұсыныстар берілді. Сонымен қатар жобалау және зерттеу жұмыстарын ұйымдастырудың тиімді әдістері, STEM оқытудың ерекшеліктері, коммуникативтік тәсіл, проблемалық оқыту, оқушылардың оқу, математикалық, жаратылыстану, цифрлық және медиасауаттылығын қалыптастырудың тиімді әдіс-тәсілдері қарастырылды.

Тренингтің соңғы күні әдістемелік бірлестік жетекшілері «Назарбаев Зияткерлік мектептері» ДББҰ Басқарма төрағасы Әнуар Жанғозинмен және Орталық директоры Жанар Абдильдинамен кездесіп, өздерін толғандырған сұрақтарына жауап алды.

Жаңартылған оқу бағдарламалары 2023-2024 оқу жылында 7-сыныптан бастап ендірілетін болады.