Career-oriented elective courses


Centre for Educational Programmes has developed career-oriented elective courses. To ensure successful implementation of comprehensive work on career guidance for upper secondary school students, subject teachers need to use professionally oriented materials in the educational process. Students can be interested in different types of professional activities, even those within one specialisation, therefore, the solution of this problem is closely related to the process of students building their individual educational paths.

Career-oriented elective courses “Mathematical methods of collecting and processing statistical data”, “Mobile application developer”, “Practical electrical engineering”, “Laboratory assistant for chemical analysis”, “Nutritionology”, “Tour Operating”, “Copywriting”, “Fundamentals of Graphic Design”, “Production Director”, “Fundamentals of Investment” – these are additional elective courses for students. They are included in the curriculum at the senior level of schooling. Elective courses are implemented within the school component of the curriculum and designed for a minimum number of students in groups (up to 12).

The role assigned to elective courses in the system of specialised learning determines the range of their functions and tasks.

Functions of career-oriented elective courses:

– study of new professions, description of necessary professional skills arising from the main problems of our time;

– extending and deepening core and specialised subject knowledge;

– practical training;

– development of professional skills;

– introducing to new trends and the stage of development of the sphere.

Tasks of career-oriented elective courses:

– to introduce additional content of the educational material, to extend and deepen specialised subject knowledge;

– to promote professional adaptation;

– to prepare for a future career;

– to increase the information and communication competence of students, as well as to stumulate their cognitive and creative activities.

Therefore, the content and focus of elective courses should be linked to a particular specialisation by modeling the educational situations and problems characteristic of it.


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