Training seminar for trainers of JSC “National Center for professional development “Orleu” on “Peculiarities of subject programmes and the criteria-based assessment system in the context of the renewed secondary education content in the Republic of Kaza


              On 3-4 January, 2019, the subject specialists of the Centre for Educational Programmes conducted training seminars for 320 trainers of JSC “NCPD “Orleu”. The purpose of the seminars was to explain the peculiarities of the renewed subject programmes for grades 4, 9 and 10.

Within the two days of the seminar the participants got insights into the long-term plans, active learning methods, lesson planning with opportunities for intradisciplinary and interdisciplinary integration, types and methods of differentiation, as well as the peculiarities in the development of students’ inquiry skills.

The trainers of JSC “NCPD “Orleu” highly appreciated the positive and productive environment of the seminar, practice-oriented sessions, detailed explanation of new and complex learning objectives, subject-specific master classes, the methodology of STEAM teaching.