Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics: A Workshop for NIS Mathematics Teachers


On 22–24 October, 2018, T. Aubakirov and A. Balguzhinova,subject specialists of the Centre for Educational Programmes, conducted a training workshop at NIS ChB in Karaganda. The aim of the workshop was to provide NIS teachers with methodological support in teaching the unit Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics. Among the co-trainers there were B.Ospanov (NIS PhM Astana), S. Makhashev (NIS ChB Karaganda), S. Kalkulov (NIS PhM Almaty).

The 3-day workshop covered such topics as ‘The Content of the Probability and Statistic Line in the Mathematics Curriculum. Basic Theory of Probability’, ‘Methodological Aspects of Introducing the Definition of the Probability of a Random Event, and Main Concepts and Formulae of the Theory of Probability’, etc. Participants received an opportunity to take deeper insight into the comparability of the unit Statistics and Theory of Probability and the A-Level curriculum, and analyse a number of activities used in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd components of the final attestation.

The workshop was attended by 27 teachers from 19 NIS schools. It was a useful and productive experience as illustrated by the participants’ feedback