The first steps of Kazakh Language Immersion project


             Center for Educational Programs will conduct training workshops in Astana, Kokshetau and Taldykorgan within the period from 24 September to 5 October on the topic of Methodological background of Kazakh Language Immersion project and implementation methods in order to disseminate NIS Language Immersion experience to pre-school institutions. In total 96 preschool teacher mentors have participated the training workshop. The workshop was held by senior managers of Preschool and primary education department of the Center for Educational Programs (K. Baitenova, Z. Kazhigaliyeva), as well as experienced NIS experts and preschool teacher mentors in Taldykorgan (А. Balshenova, М. Baiturganova, G. Uisinbekova, А. Kilysheva) and Kokshetau (А. Sabdina, А. Boranbayeva, А. Nurbikenova, А. Sabitova, А. Kalilayeva).

            In the course of the workshop preschool teacher mentors learnt more about the goals and objectives of Kazakh Language Immersion project, best practice of the language immersion method implementation in the NIS preschool in Taldykorgan, as well as vast opportunities provided to preschool children to learn state language based on the language immersion method.

            Feedback from teacher mentors’ of Karlygash preschool of the Administrative Department of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mecial Center in Astana and Preschool of IB in Astana about the Kazakh Language Immersion program is provided below.

“The Program contributes towards strengthening the state language status. I believe language immersion method will also change our teaching activity”. (K. Shakhanova)

“The main point is that this project will help parents in learning Kazakh together with their children” (G. Omirtayeva)

“The workshop makes it possible for me to exchange experience with my colleagues as a preschool teacher, learn about elementary approaches to Kazakh language immersion, develop child’s vocabulary, as well as helps to learn how to teach the types of speech forms”.  (S. Akkisova)

“New opportunities to learn the state language for kids of other nationalities living in Kazakhstan has been created and to raise awareness about the state language problem”. (S. Bayakeyeva)

“The project helps Russian speaking children to speak, understand, think, perceive and esteem Kazakh language”. (A. Tukeshova)

          Participants of workshop held in Taldykorgan showed strong interest in the program and received all the necessary information, as well as gave great feedback and expressed gratitude to the director and preschool team.