International research-to-practice conference «Education: Research and Sustainable development»

By АEО “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” was held an International research-to-practice conference on “Education: Research and Sustainable development” during the period between 22 to 23 October 2015.

About 500 participants, including representatives of MoES RK, Kazakhstan universities, the National Testing Center, Intellectual and Secondary schools, as well as 37 international speakers and experts from Australia, Britain, Canada, Spain, Norway, the Netherlands, Russia, US, South Korea and Japan were attended the event.

During the two days were held four plenary sessions, 28 sections and panel discussions on the following areas: "Innovation in the curriculum," "Trilingual education", "Education and welfare of children", "Evaluation", "Monitoring, evaluation and research in the field of education" "Continuing professional development of teachers, professional societies, joint research of teachers," "Educational resources".

Under the chairmanship of the Center for Educational programs have been carried out the sections on the Development and Innovation in the Curriculum, Trilingual Education and Language Immersion. Also, by staff of the Center was held a presentation of a systematic and methodical complex in order to provide methodological support for testing the state compulsory standards of primary education and the creation of conditions for cooperation and exchange of experience between teachers of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools and the teachers of 30 pilot schools. In addition, there was organized an action in interactive mode, where were shown workshops using learning resources for primary school subjects (Language subjects, Mathematics, Science, World understanding, Art and Music).