August 20-29, 2015

Workshop aimed to explain the Integrated educational programme on “Physics” were conducted for the Intellectual schools opened in the cities of Almaty, Petropavlovsk and Aktau in the period between 20th and 29th of August, 2015.

The aim of the seminar is to introduce teachers to the peculiarities of teaching physics in Intellectual schools, as well as to the step-by-step analysis of the lesson planning process according to the updated sample of short-term plan.

During the seminars, participants learned about documents to be guided in the process of teaching, about the peculiarities of the subject programmes and course plans.

Participants practiced writing lesson objectives on the basis of learning objectives and language objectives, drawing up useful phrases for dialogues and writing, using techniques focused on active involvement of learners in the learning process and methods of implementing differentiation in classroom, discussed methods of developing language skills.

On the final training day the teachers completed lesson plans for the 1st term, applying considered training techniques and approaches. They also exchanged ideas by means of conducting micro lessons and getting feedback.

Teachers emphasized the importance of having an online forum and systemic-methodical complex that both allow access to useful resources, materials, and interaction with colleagues from other schools.