August 20-29, 2015

On August 20-29, 2015 in purpose of methodical assistance for teachers the workshop for elucidation of Integrated programme of development on Mathematics at new opened Nazarbayev Intellectual schools of Almaty, Petropavlovsk and Aktau.

On the workshop participants learned about the structure and content of the curriculum and course plan of the subject, the principles of their development (organization of content on the basis of helicity, aim at development of a higher-order thinking skills, communicative skills, etc.), as well as Mathematics programme features.

«Online-forum», «Education knowledge base» with the principles of work with these websites were presented to the participants (registration, materials review and download, discussions and comments). Along with this, there were presented other websites and resources, online-calculators, computer programs for effective implementation of study process.

Workshop participants jointly with trainers on the basis of study programmes and course plans developed short-term plans on mathematics. Using these plans they conducted micro-teaching lessons.

Participants introduced with Integrated programme of development, they also pointed out the effectiveness of colleagues and trainers feedback on micro-teaching lessons and developed short-term plans.