August 20-29 2015

During the period from August 20 to 29 2015 at Nazarbayev Intellectual schools of Almaty, Petropavlovsk and Aktau within the framework of providing methodical help and experience exchange on teaching issues subject sessions for teachers on Biology subject programmes and course plans were conducted.  28 teachers, teacher assistants and laboratory technicians participated at the training.

Participants learned about the structure and content of the curriculum and course plan of the subject, the principles of their development (organization of content on the basis of helicity, aim at development of a higher-order thinking skills, communicative skills, etc.).

On the form of active learning through the examples of subject content participants learned about the techniques and strategies and pedagogical approaches used in teaching the "Biology": active learning, experimental work, problem-based learning, the use of games / simulations, assessment for learning. Particular attention was paid to the peculiarities of differentiation and organization of group work. A separate session was devoted to the peculiarities of the design and the practical and laboratory work.

During the session the issues of policy implementation of trilinguality, including academic language development tools in first language and in English at Biology classes. Coach acquainted the participants with online resources to support the implementation of the integrated educational program and system-methodical complex, as well as a variety of online resources in support for teachers and students.

On the final day of training teachers in the group presented a mini-workshops, during which they used strategies, forms and methods they have learned. Participants noted the timeliness of trainings conducted by section that helped them to prepare for the beginning of academic year and contribute to the development of pedagogical skills, filling up their own methodical box.