August 2015

In August 2015 the training for school teachers of Grades 7-9 and 11-12 on subject “Mathematics” in the framework of professional development was organized by the Center for educational programmes.

76 teachers from 17 Intellectual schools took part in the training.

The main objectives of the training were:

  • to introduce participants of the training with updated and amended versions of subject programmes and course plans on the subject “Mathematics”, implemented in 2015-2016 academic years, with the introduction amended;
  • to organize the collective work of teachers to share resources and new ideas on effective use of various modern pedagogical approaches in teaching and learning and planning of lesson model with use of advanced technologies;
  • to introduce with principles and strategies of active learning and assessment, applied in the course of study on the subject “Mathematics” and principles underlying the formative assessment in the classroom;
  •  to demonstrate some software, such as “Geogebra”, “Live geometry” that allow to efficiently cope with different teaching material for development of learners’ spatial imagination, online programmes “Kahoot”, “Mymath”, etc. for consolidation and evaluation of students’ knowledge as well as the development of work skills by means of information and communication technologies.

Training materials were selected in a way that considered results of monitoring of IPD implementation in 2014-2015 academic years. Also, wishes of NIS teachers on the results of trainings conducted over the past years were considered.

Sessions on formative assessment were conducted on the lesson of Mathematics. Participants became acquainted with an analysis of External Formative Assessment results of Grade 12 learners on the subject “Mathematics”.

The training materials are available on the forum (link