June, 17-20, 2014

On June, 17-20, 2014, “Centre for Educational Programmes” under the AEO “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” organized training for the Nazarbayev Intellectual School teachers who will teach the subject at the Grades 2 by the new Integrated programme. State school teachers took part in the training, as well. Because from 2015 there will be testing of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School programmes. Training was carried out by the Cambridge trainer Kate Rattle and CEP managers.       

For these four days teachers got acquainted with the Grade 2 Course plan, active learning methods and strategies, practiced in development of the short-term plan. 

One of the main objectives of trainer Kate Rattle is to teach to collaborate with the colleagues for sharing ideas, developing lesson plan collaboratively, selection of the resources and materials for the lesson. Teachers were the active participants of their own learning, worked in pairs and groups, shared ideas, asked questions. Trainer gave clear recommendations on using strategy on the shared reading, shared writing, guided reading and guided writing. Kate in details clarified the problem of application of Bloom’s taxonomy and understanding of the term “metacognitive action”. Also realization of micro learning was very interesting and useful activity for teachers. Use of the role plays, drama techniques and strategies helped teachers to develop interesting lesson fragments.  

Trainees greatly appreciated organization of the training that incorporated all the teachers, gave an opportunity for the collaborative work and enriched professional knowledge of teachers with the new active learning methods.