3-5 April, 2013

On the 3-5 of April, the training workshop “Train the trainer” was held for CEP specialists provided by CIE consultant Keely Laycock. 3 day workshop focused on methodologies, tools and principles of effective training that CEP specialists will apply whilst delivering their own training for teachers in summer. Mrs. Laycock introduced specialists to the set of key training skills and demonstrated how these can be used. The topics of discussion included:

  • types of ice breaking games in order to develop trust between participants and the trainer;
  • active listening, which provides an effective reflection between participants and the trainer;
  • effective feedback approaches, including one`s reaction on negative vs. positive feedback;
  • Kolb learning cycle;
  • Facilitation and its types as well as difference between facilitation, coaching and mentoring;

 The training sessions are a mix of teaching and hands-on works that were used evenly thought out the 3 day workshop. Participants have worked both in groups as well as individual.