“The Secondary Education Curriculum: traditions and changes”

research-to-practice conference “The Secondary Education Curriculum: traditions and changes” organized by Autonomous Educational Organisation “Nazarbayev Intellectual schools”.

During the 2-day work conference participants have had a chance to discuss burning issues of school education both in Kazakhstan and in international educational community along with tendencies in school curriculum development and possible ways to improve the quality of educational services.

Summing up the work of the conference, the participants confirm the need to improve the quality of school education through the development of the system of learning objectives in the form of expected outcomes to determine the content of education and to create a reliable system of assessment of students’ achievements.

Along with that, the conference participants have agreed that the new quality of school education should be based on a broader understanding of education, which generates the values and cultural traditions being a vector of establishment and development of students’ identity.

In this regard, the conference participants have also emphasized the priority importance of education in forming students' moral and legal culture, patriotism and citizenship, based on the development of functional literacy through strengthening the active approach to the organization of the educational process