The results of work of Centre for educational programmes

In the frame of Educational Programme development 30 workshops were conducted by the international consultants for the NIS Teachers. More than 200 teachers were involved in the development of educational Programmes and course plans.


In 2012 in collaboration with the NIS teachers were developed:

Programmes                                                     Quantity                        
Primary 10
Secondary 16
High 14


Plans                                                                                         Quantity                  
Grade 7 16 
Grade 11 14 
Grade 8 16 
Grade 12 10 
Grades 9-10  4

Total amount of programmes and plans developed


        The Integrated Educational Programme of Natural and Mathematical Sciences of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools (thereinafter - Educational Programme) defines the regulations, structure, strategic bases, values and goals, expected outcomes in different subjects, content of education, assessment of students’ progress and the peculiarities of educational process organization. The following guides to determine the content of education at the Nazarbayev Intellectual schools are used:

  • necessity of systematic engagement of the students to the scientific ways of cognition and research activity, development of critical and creative thinking;
  • the appropriateness of the content generalization of separate disciplines, integrating curriculum of its interdisciplinary and inter-cycle nature.

        The peculiarity of curriculum of Intellectual Schools generally associated with a focus on in-depth study of subjects of natural-mathematical cycle, development of intellectual potential of the individual. Deepening the content of school subjects "Mathematics", "Physics", "Chemistry", “Biology" is achieved due to the organization of the project and research activities of students. The Integrated Educational programme is realized on the base of trilingual policy, the learning subjects in three languages.