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From the message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

to the people of Kazakhstan “Kazakhstan – 2050” strategy –

new policy line of the Successful State”



• Education of children is the great investment to the future. This should be our vision of this question and we must seek to give them the best education.

• To change the trend and accents of secondary and high education course plans by integrating the educational programmes on practical skills and practical qualification.

• To intensively integrate the innovative methods, solutions and tools into national education system, including distance and online learning available for everybody.

• It is necessary to get rid of out-of-date or non-demanded scientific and core disciplines and to intensify, at the same time, the perspective strands that are in demand.

• It is necessary to develop Kazakhstani patriotism both in our children and ourselves.

From the message of the President of RK to the people of Kazakhstan

(Astana, December 14, 2012)